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Review #1

hello, my name is Cahyo. this blog is made for my Creativity and Innovation assignments.

my first assignment is to make a review about another blog which is

my thought about this blog is that this blog offers a lot of innovation and creativity. this creativity is shown on all the contents of this blog. from the view of the blog when we open the link and the subjects of the blog, we can see that this blog is very useful to everyone who wants to know about creative products. besides that, also posts about the current trends like gadgets, automotive, hobbies and many more. the one that attract me the most is unique advertisements. there are a lot of unique way how to promote the products from big companies and small companies all around the world. this kind of posts can help us, beginners in business world, how to sell a product by thinking out of the box and in different way.

the blog itself has its own uniqueness. it is the way we read the blog. has seven ways to read the blog, which are Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Snapshot and Timeslide. each type has it own way to describe the posts. Classic is like an ordinary blog, below the post there is a box to make a comment for the post. Flipcard is the first type when we enter the blog. Flipcard is show you the title or the picture of the post, if your pointer point one of the card, it will flip and show the title of the picture and the date of the post and then you will see the entire post if you click it. From the name of the type, you can guess that Magazine type shows the blog like a magazine. it only shows the title, the date and a little of the whole article. Mosaic almost the same like Flipcard but it has different size for every posts, show the title and a little of the whole article. For Sidebar type, you can see the title on the left of your screen and if you want to open it, you just click on the title. Snapshot only shows the title which has the picture on the article. and the last one is Timeslide. this type shows the article within the same date.

so overall this blog is pretty amazing. the level of creativity of the author is high. this can be seen in how they manage the blog, how to design the blog so people attract to the blog and the contents of the blog is very informative. 😀

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