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When I first looked at the title of this page, I saw it interesting. Although it is for 2012, it still be a trend in 2013. This page explains to us what’s on businessmen mind about the next trend in 2012. A lot of popular businessmen’s comment about the trend on this page. For example, CEO, David Rusenko, he said that making a website will not be something you pay thousands of dollars for, it will be something you create and maintain yourself. So everyone can have their own website without paying any cents and with that website everyone can promote their business to everyone in the world. The idea for 2012 is all based on Internet. Everything will be spread easily with the new technology of Internet. Social media is the core strategy of new and small businesses. With this free social media, promotion can be spread easily like the word of mouth.

Innovative technology such as gesture-recognition technology also will be developed during 2012. This will help people to do more in business. 2012 will see the strengthening of a decades-long move away from government providing basic services, in favor of private or nonprofit entities. The new generation of business software is going to focus on creating value for your business, connect your customers and suppliers in a network and make it easier for you, not your accountant, to do business. In 2012, franchise industry will grow significantly. This condition is caused by the fact that rather than starting a new business, people prefer to buy franchise store because it is already known by a lot of people and it gain income faster than starting a new business.

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